Big Sleuth Pay As You Go

Special edition £13 Swift Pay As You Go card, including £3 donation to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
New Big Sleuth Swift PAYG Card

The cashless way to buy day tickets and single fares for the bus and tram.

No more hassle finding the exact change, just ask your bus or tram driver for your ticket when you board. With most bus operators accepting Pay As You Go and offering a discount, as well as discounted fares on Midland Metro, if you pay cash on the bus or tram then switch today to start saving.

This special edition Big Sleuth card works in exactly the same way as the standard Pay As You Go card, except that £3 of the total £13 transaction will be donated to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. You can buy a standard PAYG card, without the £3 donation here.

Please allow 5 working days for delivery.

It's perfect for exploring the Big Sleuth trail this summer. It’s also a great option for kids as it takes away the worry of them not having enough money to get home, and you can still use a 16-18 photocard to buy child fares. You can also share your Pay As You Go credit with family and friends who can use your card when you're not.

Once you've spent your initial £10 credit, you can keep topping the card up with between £10 and £50 using our handy click and collect service, your local Travel Centre or over 250 Payzone outlet.

For a truly smart experience turn on Auto Top-Up. By using your online account linked to a bank card we can keep your card ready to use. When your credit reaches £10 or less, the card reader on the bus will automatically top it up with £20, £30 or £40 – whichever amount you choose.

You can find out more about our range of handy day tickets and the discount with Pay As You Go here.

To find out if your bus operator accepts Pay As You Go, click here and select their name from the list.


Peak travel allowed

Some Travel Cards must be used in conjunction with a Photocard which can be obtained when purchasing your ticket.

Off Peak covers travel from 09.30 to 15.29 and then from 18.00 to the end of normal daytime service Monday to Friday and all day weekends and Bank Holidays.

Where to buy

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Conditions of use

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the issue and use of the Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card. They are in addition to the Swift Card Terms and Conditions which can be found at myswiftcard.com. The Customer agrees to use the Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card in accordance with the Swift Terms and Conditions, these additional terms and in compliance with the Conditions of Carriage of participating operators.

2. As part of the Big Sleuth, the West Midlands Combined Authority (“WMCA”) has produced a special edition Swift Card specifically with the Big Sleuth branding (“Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card”) to support the Big Sleuth experience and to encourage customers to use public transport.

3. The customer may purchase a Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card for a sum of thirteen pounds (£13). The Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card will be preloaded with ten pounds (£10) Pay As You Go credit. By purchasing this special edition Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card, the customer acknowledges that a sum of three pounds (£3) will be donated to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

4. Refunds are subject to the Swift Card Terms and Conditions, save as to the £3 donation which is non-refundable.

5. The limited edition Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card shall continue to be used as a standard Swift Card (i.e. the customer may top up their Big Sleuth PAYG Swift Card).

6. The WMCA reserves the right to amend these additional terms and conditions at any time without notice.


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Big Sleuth Pay As You Go


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